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Difficult Dads

It is not always easy designing websites as there are several factors that need to come together to get the site looking and working just right; and this is even more true when the website is an ecommerce site.

So imagine how difficult it is to take someone elses design and programming and finisih this off... this is what we had to do with the newly launched Difficult Dads website. Back in December 2008 we took over Websight, a web design company that had gone into liquidation and along with this we took on all their clients and all their projects - finished or not. We have since been working with the owner of Difficult Dads to get his website up and running but due to his other business constraints this has meant that there has been almost a 12 month gap in this project.

The site is now live in its phase one and is based around the off the shelf shopping cart called Zen Cart. Zen Cart is a great tool that allows for an ecommerce site to be produced at a relatively small cost and gives any business a great start in the online shopping market.

As well as the launch of the site we were asked to produce letterheads and compliment slips but with no quality logo to use we also had to redo the main logo before we could start producing the printed material. Happily everything is now sorted and the website is live and the printed material we be landing on the customers doorstep within a matter of days.

Take a look at difficultdads.com

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