ProDirect Soccer


The world’s definitive online soccer equipment catalogue was developed by Gamalan Media Group. ProDirect Soccer is arguably the best soccer retail website in the world. They approached Gamalan to help to create and establish their online presence.


Peter Blackler, Gamalan account manager, said: “The website is open 24-hours a day and appeals to a mass market. There’s no limit to the number of people who can log on to view the products. It receives millions of page impressions a month from interested customers.“

We set out to achieve the best soccer retail website in the world and I think that’s what we’ve created. There’s nothing else which compares to it with the amount of choice which is offered, the way the products are displayed, the way boots can be embroidered as people order online.”

And it’s not just the website, it’s the whole business processes which are unusual.

The site was designed to run on two servers and a database which ensures the site is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The servers can be accessed remotely and can be powered up and powered down enabling the server to be restarted in case of a complete system crash.

Website orders are transferred to a bespoke business process system and business management system and manufacturers can also access buying trends direct from the site. Peter said: “There’s a password protected extranet system which manufacturers can log into and see what people are buying. ProDirect Soccer is the perfect retail partner. The manufacturers spend millions of pounds on brand development and advertising only for some sports shops to cram the products in, not displaying them well with shop assistants who don’t know anything about them.

“ PDS presents the brand in the way manufacturers want it presented.”